Be Watchful on Health and Safety

Its Simple as ABC
Always Be Careful

It was a mere nightmare for me two months before, when a child of my neighbor had choking incident. It was late evening; I heard a shout from my neighbor HELP!!! I was confused what was wrong. Then I went to her home and I just saw the child becoming blue. He got a banana piece choking in his throat, as his mother gave him to eat full banana, the child unknowingly bit a big piece of it. I ran to him and placed him on my lap and gave him back blows. Thank God when I gave him the 5th he spit out the piece. Then situation came to normal. It is very important to be watchful on Health and Safety aspects of the child, as they don’t know the severity of any condition.

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I came with this topic, as I spoke regarding the Art and Craft activities earlier. It is enjoyable doing an Art and Craft activity with kids at home. But it is very important to address Health and Safety risk while conducting those activities.

You may wonder what severe situation may arise with this simple activity. But even a small sharp edge of a chart paper creates cut injury on our young babies.

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So, going on to the post, what are some hazards, you must think before doing a craft activity?

Those related to safety includes:

  • Choking Hazards
  • Cut Hazards
  • Trip and Fall Hazards

Those related to Health includes:

  • Inhalation Hazards
  • Irritation Hazards
  • Ingestion Hazards

Choking Hazards

Children may tend to put objects in their mouth during Infant and Toddler stage. Even a small cap of a paint tube leads to choking hazard. Don’t be over-confident and judgmental, that my kid doesn’t have a habit of putting things in his/her mouth. We cannot judge the children. They most of the time behave oppositely to what we think.

Cut Hazards

Our kids have so soft and sensitive skin like even a small pencil with a sharp end create a cut or puncher on them. It is very important to look for all materials that they don’t have any sharp edges or any damage which may create a cut injury on our tender little.

Trip and Fall Hazards

Clean the floor or the surface, where you do activities with your kids’ side by side. As kids are too excited that they spill paints or water on the floor, and they tend to get trip and fall due to slippery surface. It is very dangerous that it may even lead to head injury.

Inhalation Hazards

Smelling of paints and dust particles has the potential risks of fumes getting inhaled which causes respiratory and pulmonary issues. This is the most common hazard when conducting Art and Craft activities.

Irritation Hazards

Paints and other materials connected to art activities when gets contact with skin and eyes has the potential risks of irritation and allergy to the skin and eyes of the children. Its is most important that we need to provide edible and good branded art materials to our kids.

Ingestion Hazard

Tasting paint or any other art and craft materials like glue, clay with paints has the potential risks of indigestion and poisoning. Be cautious that our little champ is not having a taste test 😉

So, with these basics read, what can be done like preventive measures one can do to conduct a safe, friendly and happy Arts and Craft activities??

Catch Up that with my next post.


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