Health and Safety Measures

Be Alert!! Prevention is better than Cure.

Children are godly creatures who merely don’t know the consequences of risky situations which arises from their play or work. In order to be safe, they need support and care from adults. It is our mere parents responsibility to keep them in a well safe condition. The support measures that a young child may need when carrying out craft activities in relation to Health and Safety risks includes:

Prior planning and organizing

Make sure that you plan the activity going to be done and material needed. So, that you won’t get out of the place to bring needed materials during craft time and it won’t get mess and clumsy when doing the craft activity as it has safety risks that children will lose interest on the activity and get fussy and not staying in the place.

One choice at a time

Don’t give a child several choices of material to one task or several task to one child as it will create confusion to the child. As a result, they won’t complete any activity and it is easy for them to create mess which is a major safety risk.

Closed supervision

Parent’s supervision is very important when doing craft activities with children as it prevents all safety and health risks. Conduct a Risk assessment and have a close check on all kind of potential risks and try to eliminate or minimize those risks. Don’t give them the activity and you get busy with your works. Its very important for an adult supervision.

Friendly crafting

Use children’s friendly craft materials as children of foundation stage are more curious and faster to get into any kind of safety and health hazards as i mentioned in my earlier post.

Age-appropriate activities

Provide children with age-appropriate activity as it prevents from all hazards mentioned earlier. Giving a child activity not right for his/her age and is more complex will lead to complex hazards. Minimize the risks by giving right activity for the right-aged children. A 2 year old can help you out with house works and don’t give to a 1 year or below child.

Use familiar resources

Use familiar resources known for the children like if they know how to use a roti ladle, they can form a paint texture from it rather than giving them the unfamiliar paint brush which they haven’t seen and in providing familiar material, supervision is also easy for the adults. Introduce new materials when there are more to help and supervise as it minimizes the risks.

Praise frequently

Try to appreciate the kids for their task. Don’t look for a perfect result and Please do appreciate the creativity. Praising will create positive emotions in child, and it prevents from health risks of the child getting into negative emotions and being in trauma.

Provide challenges

The craft activity should also provide challenges to the child as it increases their physical and mental development as this also prevent some health risks. E.g.: trying to teach cutting to the child with the kids-friendly knife will be a big challenge for them for the first time. But when they get familiar to it minimizes the risks of cutting hazards.

Keep activity interesting

Keeping activity interesting by having all materials manageable children will gain interest in doing the activity and they will continue it for longer time, and it prevents from children getting fussy and losing interest. If the child loosing interest may tend to throw things up which may create problems on themselves.

Clean up

Support children in cleaning up the mess after the activity is finished, as it creates independence in children to clean their mess and also it minimizes the risks of trip, fall and spillage hazards.

So, as said Support and Care is the major aspects a child’s life needs. Provide it to them for utmost times whenever they need it.


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