Father’s Role on Breast Feeding

On the day of International Men’s Day. I am going to discuss about Role of Father’s on Breastfeeding.

Father’s are Always Masterpiece of Nature

As you cannot breastfeed your baby, it is not like you cannot do anything regarding breast feeding.

So, here it is breastfeeding is a team work which you and your partner should do together.

BUT HOW??????

With your Moral support FATHERS…….

Your moral support can make a chance of helping your partner to breastfeed longer time.

So, show your moral support by showing your knowledge and enthusiasm on breast feeding.

For that first learn all about breastfeeding , know about it, health benefits and how it works.

Your new breastfeeding partner will have lots of issues while breast feeding. Try to understand the issues and help them to go through it.

For example: One main issue new mothers have is that breast engorgement while breast feeding. Don’t get nervous about it. It is only you can support her on this.

Help your Baby and Nurture bond between you two:

Settle your baby after breast feeding by wiping him/her, making him/her burp and hold him/her and have skin to skin contact.

Change them nappy.

At times, bottle feed the baby with the expressed mother milk.

Be confident and comfortable.

A father isn’t called as Man who makes the child, but rather a Man who extends his hands and time to help with the child’s raising and most of all being a Daddy comes from the heart.

Kuddos to all Real Men and Masterpiece Fathers.

We are very grateful having you.

Now Its Your turn to share your Experience on Breast Feeding.

  • Fathers Please do Share your Challenge you faced during your Fatherhood Baby Days.
  • Mothers Please do Share the experience of how your partner Supported you and Baby during breast feeding days.

Leave comment below in the Leave a Reply Section.

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