Bring Back Your Health – A 30 Days 2020 Healthy Flash Lifestyle Challenge

Many of us are aware of being in a Nutritional and Healthy Lifestyle, but finding the discipline to not only start a healthy lifestyle but getting stick to it is a hard part. Whether you’re at the start of your fitness journey like me or in desperate demand of some motivation to keep going, you’ll find it on this blog post. Get ready to discipline yourself!

So, For whom this Challenge is for?

For All people Young to Old, Beginners to the fitness journey, whom with health conditions and fitness freak people who has stopped down for a while and restarting it again.

To start it, this is A 30 Day Healthy Flash Lifestyle Challenge which is going to be a motivational factor for our continuous fitness journey. In completing this challenge successfully. We will start our next level of getting FIT CHALLENGE.

What are the benefits of doing this challenge?

  1. You will start your healthy lifestyle
  2. Moderate weight loss
  3. Feeling Active
  4. Feeling Positive and Motivated
  5. Feeling Confident to start a Fitness Journey

What if I am Elder Person?

This Challenge is created according to capability of all people young from old. Nutrition stated in the rules can be done by all. Workouts stated in the rules can be done appropriate to your strength at the beginning and can be improved little by little. This goes with people with various Health Conditions also.

What if I am Working Person and especially Night Shifts?

For Working People Nutrition given are the same. Workouts like Walking must be done, and Cardio exercises can be changed by instead of doing at home cardio exercise you can do using stairs at the office place. For People in Night shifts follow the same nutrition given in the rules. Plus during night time working try to take home foods and especially steamed not fried. And avoid outside foods and beverages.

What if I am having Kids and is this challenge can be taken by hem too?

Kids from age 3 can be taken this. What can be done is that don’t proportionate or less their food. As they are growing and they burn immense calories than us. They need high calories food. Just keep in mind to give foods at the right time and dinner early. Regarding workouts don’t worry if they don’t come for exercise. They burn lots of calories when they are playing. If they join you for exercise its well and good. They are starting their healthy lifestyle earlier. 😊

For People who may think this is not enough challenge,

You may increase your workouts according to your intensity levels. As this challenge is made for all people. And the only aim of this challenge is to make all levels of people get motivated and move and transform themselves to a healthy lifestyle. Because We believe in Something is better than doing Nothing.

Our Oath:




If the Rules are missed a day in this 30 days you will be lacking the results. Click here to get your Rules.

And Here is a Free Printable on your, There will be 30 columns and once you follow the rule everyday. Tick the column.

We Will welcome the New Year with Positive and Confident Heart.

Happy Healthy Lifestyle To All!


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