Peek-a-boo a simple stay at home play

Hello People, I am here with a post after long time. Hope everyone are safe at home. This pandemic scenario is developing ourselves and our young ones in various way. I myself have developed in so many aspects in my life.
I have thought,”Being a stay at home mom in normal days what may be the change in this pandemic times? So it will be easy for me 🙂

Peek-A-Boo , Peek-A-Boo where are you? Peek-A-Boo, Peek-A-Boo I find You Moon…….

But the fact it isn’t..

I have developed little more in my cooking, As i am trying new recipes 😉 development in spiritual thoughts, learning a bit more in early child resources so that I can provide it to my child. But there has been also changes in my normal routine, with my kid’s activities, with my physical activities, with my eating, with my thoughts so on… I can list you. But after all these changes one-thing keeps us all happy is that staying at home with the family. And this is the time we can spend with our family.

OK, let me start with today’s post. Peek-a-boo I see you my friend. I found you, you are reading my post Am I right? 🙂

Peek-a-boo is a Simple, Easy and all time activity we can play with our children from age 3 months – no limit. Even granny and grandpa can play 🙂 Even a husband and wife can Play.


Yes you only need the child kind of heart and happiness to play it.

So this Peek-a-boo play is one of the best activity during this lock down time.

So, here comes the benefits:

For the child:

1.Cognitive Development:
one important aspect this Peek-a-boo play provides to the child is that developing their cognitive thinking of Object permanence, which is the child reaches the level of understanding that a person or object is still there even when they cannot see them. And this also leads in developing their problem solving skill
2.Gross Motor Development:
They have huge development in their gross motor skill by running, going under something, bending down, balancing their hands and legs in search of you which also helps in body coordination.
3.Language Development:Peek-a-boo play helps in talking and listening skill. words like where are you mom? where are you dad? I find you, i cant see you etc and also whichever language the child indulges in.
4.Social and Emotional Development:
Last benefit of this Peek-a-boo play is that it increases the emotions of the child. They feel happy when they find you, they fee sad if they cant find you, they feel excited to search you. It boosts their confidence for playing with others in future.

For the Adults:

The benefits we have while playing Peek-a-boo are:

1.We tend to have Some Physical Exercise like after long time we tend to flex our body to hide inside a small section 😉 we too run, walk, bend down.
2.We leave the stress of this pandemic situation. As whenever we see something in digital platforms all we see is lock-down, pandemic, and etc. SO, these kind of play with our children or even with our adult children will help us to forget all the problems and situation and give us some happiness.
3.The main idea of this play is Family Time. We tend to move on with our routine and even our children will move on with their routine when everything gets normal. So, use this period to have immense family time with whomever you are, say with family, with friends, with roommates just play with them. Only thing is that modify the game according to your age 🙂 For example if i live in a hostel room with my friend. I just start to play Peek-a-Boo by hiding some objects and make my friend to find it out. As Simple as that 🙂

It may sound simple but it is way healthy for your body and soul to pass on this time..

So, if you love my post and felt this is a good activity and it make my friends to get happy. Please share it with your Friends.

Please find my other post on early childhood development activities below.

Lastly, I wish and Pray for all my people to stay healthy, peaceful and safe wherever you are. Good Day WONDER WOMEN and SUPERMEN.

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