Uppercase Letter E Free Printable for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids

Here is a Week 5 set of Worksheets for recognizing, reading, writing, coloring, and crafting Uppercase Letter E.

These worksheets I prepared for my son, and I know it is difficult for you in these pandemic times to teach kids at home. These worksheets make it simple to learn Letter E for the whole week.

There are 7 worksheets for 7 days. You can print it out and you can also insert in a transparent file cover and make it as wipe and clean worksheets.

I know that understanding all the letters can be very difficult for the kids at once, that reason I have separated letter by letter of the alphabet and I add all the worksheets of the letter E this week. Each week I will upload one letter.

Writing alphabets can be even more difficult for the kids, but I hope that these alphabetical worksheets will help simplify the process for both you and the kid.

Please do give a feedback of worksheets in the comment below.

Let us have some chitchats about homeschooling in pandemic situation in the comment section. Tell us how is your homeschooling/online schooling going on.

If you ask me we are in summer holidays so we are going on with homeschooling. Please feel free to share your learning too!


Click the Image to Download the Free Printable.

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